Jackpot Roulette

Jackpot Roulette

As a VIP member of Empire City Online Casino Online you are invited to the roulette tables for a chance to hit the BIGGEST jackpot in town!

Bring the luxurious experience of a high-class casino to the comfort of your own screen with Jackpot Roulette, featuring smart, custom features and other clever additions guaranteed to enhance your gaming. And as the name implies, unlike other roulette tables the Jackpot Roulette table comes with a massive – you’ve guessed it – jackpot prize ready to be bust wide open!

Jackpot Roulette Select your wager and start placing your bets across the table. If you’d prefer, why not sit back and let the dealer do it for you via the ‘Random’ option, where ten random bets are placed across the table for you.

A turbo mode minimizes table animations, leading to fast and furious gameplay. If however you’d prefer a more chilled experience then fire up the jukebox and enjoy some casino-style lounge music and take things nice and slow.

However you like your roulette we know that VIP members will appreciate all the features of Jackpot Roulette, just one of the many fun free games available at Empire City Online Casino Online.