Hi Lo

Hi Lo

Who said the greatest games in the world need to be complicated! Hi Lo Solitaire proves that the best games are often the simplest, and is just one of the titles available to all members of Empire City Online Casino Online.

Hi Lo Solitaire tests your nerve to the very limit as you try to guess what… will… be… NEXT!

Hi Lo Solitaire Each round presents you with seven face-down cards and one face-up card. Select a wager level and nominate what you think the next card you pick will be. Higher or lower? Red or black? Diamond, spade, club or heart? The more specific your prediction is, the more reward you’ll receive for a correct guess. If you’re feeling super-confident then max your wager and click on that next card; the more you risk, the more you earn with every correct prediction!

Hi Lo Solitaire is the purest example of a ‘risk vs reward’ game, so don’t expect to walk away without rattling nerves!

Enjoy Hi Lo Solitaire and many other fun free games at Empire City Online Casino Online today!