Crazy Money

Crazy Money

This must have been the easiest game to name in the history of slots; it really is TOTALLY crazy! Just one of the fun free games available for all Empire City Online Casino members, Crazy Money will have your questioning your sanity as your head spins in an attempt to keep track of all those dollar bills!

Crazy Money Making use of ClearWin™ symbols – where the entirety of the winning symbols the player spins equates to the virtual credits won – Crazy Money is one of the most generous slots online. The game also features AnglePay™ where money symbols can be won from more than just one angle, maximising your potential winnings.

Spin three coin symbols to trigger the bonus Money Catch feature, where you have to click on as many notes as possible as they fly across the screen to add them to your tally. Meanwhile, an ‘Instant Winner’ logo need only appear once on the reels to open up its vault door and reward you further.

This free slot game offers 1x, 3x, 6x, 18x and max wagering plus 14 available pay tables and huge bonuses. You don’t know crazy until you’ve played Crazy Money – just one of the great fun free slots available at Empire City Online Casino.