Burn The Sevens

Burn The Sevens

Empire City Online Casino invites all VIP members to experience a revolution in slot games, with the innovative Burn the Sevens!

Prepare to have slot gaming turned on its head, as you play this colourful and rewarding game… with only ONE symbol on ONE reel!

Burn the Sevens Burn the Sevens presents you with one window and three towers to fill. Every time you spin a seven, bell or cherry, the relative tower climbs one spot, with an incremental pay-out to match. At any point you can cash out your accumulated wins OR you can let them climb to the top to secure an INSTANT WIN with every subsequent spin of the reel.

However, Burn the Sevens is a slot that will test your nerve with every spin, as the arrival of a dreaded skull symbol will flush your accumulated wins down the drain and drop all the towers back to the start!

Enjoy this truly innovative and exciting slot – along with many other great casino games –right now at Empire City Online Casino.